The day I found a friend – Mâhfoud

We are extremely proud and overwhelmed with Mâhfoud’s Album and masterpiece “The Fear Of Dying With Potential” on Klassified.
Please check out the official music video of his track “The Day I Found A Friend” and read some words from the artist himself.

“We are born to be free.

Being alive can also mean feeling lost. Sometimes we let fear overcome us, we let the norms that others have set for us control our life. We are caught up in the inability to appreciate the gift of existence because, in our daily life, it is tainted. But we are meaningful. We seek this meaningfulness through the filters of our screens, creating a gap amongst each other whilst everyone is aching to get closer. Desperation arises only when we see no way out, yet the only way out is the way through.

Confront what pains us, deal with it, grow from it, break free. Now, more than ever, the world needs kindness. We are one and we are strong.

The day you find a friend is the day you find yourself.

Official Music video to “The day I found a friend” from the Album “The fear of dying with potential”

Filmed and edited by: Daniel van Hauten
Production: Alexander Eichner
Production Assistant: Phillip Thompson
Music and acting: Marc Mahfoud
Label: Klassified

The day I found a friend – Mâhfoud