Klassified ADE Showcase Amsterdam w/ Unders, Maga, Parallells & more

Klassified ADE 2018

Klassified Records is back in town for a special ADE showcase with their residents!

Powered by the magnificence of the peacock, you are invited at Meneer Nieges for the Klassified Showcase in order to discover the artists, the music and the philosophy of this organic, earthy & melodic label.
For this special occasion, together with the family The Gardens of Babylon, the venue will transform into a symbol of integrity and beauty where you will endeavor your true colours, just like the peacock.

22.30 – 00.00: Joep Mencke
00.00 – 01.00: Parallells (live)
01.00 – 02.30: Maga
02.30 – 04.30: unders
04.30 – 06.00: RAMMÖ