The feather's eyes vol.2

Inspired by the magnificent of the peacock. Klassified Records proudly presents their first Various Artist compilation “The Feathers’ Eyes vol.2”.

In different cultures, the peacock symbolises the destruction of all negativity, anger, greed or jealousy and stands for beauty, richness and joy. This philosphy is retranscribed in this Complilation.

The release date was on the 21th January and includes: Armen Miran, Birds of Mind, Deep Filip, Fulltone, Joep Mencke, Lev Tatarov, Lövestad, Maga, Mâhfoud, Nicolas Masseyeff, Parallells, Rammö, Robbie Akbal, Sam Shure, SIS, Vander and Zone +.

Enter in the klassified world of organic, earthy & melodic contents.

We are so thankful for the reactions so far:
#9 Best Electronica Release on Beatport
#22 Best Release on Beatport – All Genres

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