“COOL TRAINER” by Madmotormiquel – EP

Born and raised in limited-travel zone of West Berlin, Madmotormiquel always had music and collecting records on his mind from an early age.After the Berlin Wall was well and truly down his home city was filled with more space than the ravers knew how to sing and dance about, this is when the name Madmotormiquel became synonymous with everything the Berlin house music parade has been known for since.

‘Cool Trainer’ sees him join up with the Klassified family, his colourful side is enlightened, a true peacock is born.

‘Cool Trainer’ kicks things off with tension-building notes throughout that harmonise with rolling percussion and a tranquilising sax alluring you in gracefully before Iorie, a multi-instrumentalist, live act and producer from Germany delivers a meditative remix of ‘Cool Trainer’ fusing zapping synths that whirl underneath the warm organic drums and eccentric vocals.

The Egyptian producer Fulltone provides a hypnotising interpretation of ‘Cool Trainer’ as the cosmic waves balance delicately with acid-tinged modulations until ‘Palermo Poodle’ rounds things off with gentle progressive melodies, vibrant percussive hits and euphoric oscillations to create an exquisite atmosphere to finish.

Artwork by Isabel Albertos

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