Klassified proudly presents its third volume of “The Feathers’ Eyes”

In different cultures, the peacock’s tail or the “eyes” of the stars, symbolises the destruction of all negativity, anger, greed or jealousy and stands for beauty, richness and joy. The Feathers’ Eyes Compilation follows that philosophy in every step of the way.

Carefully selected by the Parallells brothers, this compilation includes specific organic, earthy, melodic and mysterious electronic music from the peacocks and peafowls Bora Uzer, Britta Arnold, Fulltone, Iorie, Jacob Groening, Joep Mencke, Jose Noventa, Maga, Mâhfoud, Nhii, Parallells, Rammö, Shapers, Vander, Veronika Fleyta, Yarni and Zone +

Artwork by Nicola Napoli

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