“C’est Bon” by Fulltone – EP

Klassified Records is proud to announce Fulltone’s new EP: “C’est Bon”! Here are a few words from the artist himself.

“’C’est bon’- One of the sentence I’ve kept hearing during my time walking through the inspirational architecture of Paris. C’est Bon (which means it’s all good) triggered by interest to produce a track in a scale that breathes the ‘all goodness’, and that is definitely a F major! Beautiful chord progression and slowly things building-up started to exhale righteousness. C’est si bon!
On the other side of the world, the Seychelles blew my mind, especially its capital Mahe. The mesmerizing landscapes of the island, the people I’ve met and the musical culture were the inspirations that you will find in the instrument used such as the Charango (South American string instrument), bass guitar, classical guitar, live percussions and a lot of field recording and of course my analog synths.”

The EP comes with two massive remixes from Audiofly and Jonas Saalbach that brought the tracks to a whole new dimensions.
The italo-british duo Audiofly takes us into their world of groove and profoundness. With a long intro that hold your hand during the entry of a special cosmic journey with a detour in Japan.
Jonas Saalbach’s harmonies will give you magnificent wings, flying over colorful clouds. Subtle day dreaming.

Coming out on December 20th on all platforms

Artwork by Nicola Napoli

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