Vinyl: Resona

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Maga’s first album is a sonic journey through different resonances. Fully recorded in Mexico, Resona is the combination of jazz and electronic influences.

Over the past two years, Mickael Agarla akd Maga visited Guadalajara several times to record different types of sounds and vibrations. From the mystical trombone, to the edgy trumpet, and the low frequency Tuba as well as vocals and drums, Maga mixed these different sounds with an electronic edge.

“An easy listening album touching multiple generations & cultures”

Coming from an artist known for its dance-electronic music, Maga stepped out of his comfort zone engaging in an exercise in music composition unlike the work he is known for.

Sit down, relax, and enter a mystical latin world that will reveal all its resonance.


releases August 31, 2022

Executive Production:
Arturo De La Torre
Federico Obregon
Andres Caicedo

Album Concept & Cover Design:
Andres Caicedo

Album Cover Photography:
Federico Obregon

Dwight Gonzales Zepeda (Tuba, Trombone, Alto Horn)
Abraham Guzman Barba (Vocal)
Arturo De La Torre (Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Alto Horn)

Jonathan Antflick

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