The Fear Of Dying With Potential

Klassified is very proud to release Mâhfoud’s master piece and debut album ‘The Fear Of Dying With Potential’.


Mâhfoud is a producer, vocalist and classically trained guitarist who has a passion for art and music with multidimensional perspectives. He mixes traditional instruments with electronically driven sounds in his work. This statement of intent is informed by his heritage, his parents leaving Syria and being a foreigner in his adoptive country Germany.


 “All these memories have shaped me as a human being but even more so the way I look at music. No matter where I go, I feel a little bit like a stranger and a little bit like I’m home. Wherever I went in this world, my first impulse would be to take an instrument into my hands and play with locals, record their singing, their drumming, humming or their laughter. When language failed, music prevailed, when words could not describe enough, music would bring tears of joy and understanding.” — Mâhfoud 


Mâhfoud believes that the music on the album is a reflection of the different stages of his life.


In 2019 Mahfoud performed an extraordinary concert at AINSI Theatre in Maastricht.