Klassified Music Festival & More

Klassified Music Festival is an artistic and cultural outdoor project combining electronic music, art and well-being.”

After a first successful edition in Monaco Grimaldi Forum, Klassified Music Festival is coming back in 2018, but this time it will take an outdoor format, in l’Oppidum of Col d’Eze.

The 21st and 22nd of July 2018, in partnership with Eze’s cityhall, the ethnic and captivating Klassified Festival put forward a total change of scene to cultural escapes devotees. Electronic music, slow food, vegan creations, Mayan body-painting, Reiki workshops and meditation … Time stops over a weekend and leaves room for 48 hours of relaxation and festivities.

A unique and innovative experience, Klassified will awaken all the senses of its visitors, through different musical influences, spiritual art, gustatory surprises and various forms of cultural practices.

During the day, “chill & arty” appointments will punctuate a wide range of activities, such as meditation classes, exhibition spaces for contemporary artists or relaxation areas. A market composed of “food trucks” will offer a world tour of flavours in fully organic dishes. Once night falls, music will resume its power and Klassified Festival will offer an electronic and melodic music experience including the most recognized DJs of the scene.

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