Élaboré avec passion par leur Maître Assembleur Olivier Kleinhans à Saint-Martin, Gouverneur 1648 est le fruit d’un assemblage original de plusieurs Rhums hors d’âge. Il est principalement produit à base de Rhums Agricole et de Rhums de Mélasse, de provenance de Marie-Galante, de Guadeloupe et de République Dominicaine. Imprégné par l’héritage et l’identité de Saint-Martin, […]

A Quest of Dreams – Belle Rive Gin

https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/666592046 As a French Riviera cliché, the girl is standing in front of the vintage car, holding her glass. Time collapses, we dive into the dream, with flowless perspective of senses, it caresses like a perfume.  Belle Rive, a Quest of dreams.  We are so proud to release this commercial, directed by Arnaud Moro and […]

Mahani Mezcal – Seeking for the soul of agave’s nectar

We went to search for the secrets of mezcal, its long-standing learnings and the essence of the Agave culture in Oaxaca, Mexico. We entered the life of Humberto Juan Hernandes, Maestro Mezcaleros, his everyday life in San Juan Del Rio. He revealed the culture and the know-how of the agave as well as its rules […]

A Day In Baku

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slse_xL7-cQ For the second episode, Parallells captured the sounds of Azerbaijan, its landscapes, history and atmosphere, and then put them into music.  They traveled through time, from a 5000 years old village in the Caucasus Mountain, to the modern and architectural gems of Baku, passing by its traditional old town. Music becomes a melodic symbiosis […]


October 2019, Parallelle, Maalem Omar Hayat and his crotales players performed a unique show combining Gnawa music infused with electronic music and sounds of the city. ‘A Day In’  is a video series created by Parallelle where culture is translated musically. Creating bridges between tradition and modernity, perpetuating the heritage of Essaouira, a city of […]

Unlock your horizon

https://vimeo.com/449369682A geological mystery on the Scottish coast: Fingal’s Cave. This insanely beautiful cave was named after the masterpiece of classical composer Felix Mendelssohn. Music producers Parallells and sound recorder Pierre were acoustically inspired by this whim of nature. They went out with the Peugeot 5008 SUV.

The wind egg experiment

THE WIND EGG EXPERIMENT Wird, Harlan Levey Projects Sound design for installation. Exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp HD Video 48 mins – Edition of 5 plus 2 AP Exhibited in 2016, 2018 and 2019.   Mâhfoud created the sound design for the installation and documentary. The concept of ‘wind eggs’ postulates that animals and […]

The day I found a friend – Mâhfoud

We are extremely proud and overwhelmed with Mâhfoud’s Album and masterpiece “The Fear Of Dying With Potential” on Klassified. Please check out the official music video of his track “The Day I Found A Friend” and read some words from the artist himself. “We are born to be free. Being alive can also mean feeling […]

NXT Musem – Mahfoud

The groundbreaking museum, NXT Museum – which is the first in the Netherlands dedicated to New Media Art – opens its doors to the public with the inaugural exhibition ‘Shifting Proximities’. Located in the up-and-coming North of Amsterdam, Nxt Museum presents eight large-scale, multi-sensory art installations, four of which have been commissioned by and are […]