The Feathers Eyes Vol. 4



1. Shuro - Joep Mencke, Mâhfoud 05:16
2. An Explosion of Sunrise/Sunset - Harry Charles 06:56
3. Drummer Boy - Abundance 06:24
4. Take On Me - Zone+, Agha 08:43
5. How Can I Resist - Parallells, Fulltone 06:29
6. The Journey of Liberation feat. Mourad Belouadi - Nhii 06:35
7. On My Own - DIBIDABO 07:15
8. A Funky Peacock and a Tiger Were Talking About the Meaning of Life Before Transcending into Space - Cioz 08:04
9. Dolce Aqua - Maga 06:40
10. L'éveil - Amentia 04:44
11. Disco Bebek - Pandhora, Vander 04:55


Klassified proudly presents its fourth volume of “The Feathers’ Eyes”

In different cultures, the peacock’s tail or the “eyes” of the stars, symbolises the destruction of all negativity, anger, greed or jealousy and stands for beauty, richness and joy. The Feathers’ Eyes Compilation follows that philosophy in every step of the way.

Carefully selected by the Parallells’ brothers, this compilation includes organic and earthy music from Abundance, Agha, Amentia, Cioz, DIBIDABO, Fulltone, Joep Mencke, Maga, Mâhfoud, Mourad Belouadi, Nhii, Pandhora, Parallells, Vander and Zone +

Artists: Fulltone, Joep Mencke, Mahfoud, Parallells
Label: Klassified
Release Date: June 17, 2020
Genres: Downtempo, Electronica