October 2019, Parallelle, Maalem Omar Hayat and his crotales players performed a unique show combining Gnawa music infused with electronic music and sounds of the city.

‘A Day In’  is a video series created by Parallelle where culture is translated musically.

Creating bridges between tradition and modernity, perpetuating the heritage of Essaouira, a city of mixed cultures, highlighting local creativity and hospitality. The fusion with Maalem Omar Hayatt came about as an initiative from Moga Festival called Moga Creation. 

Parallelle rehearsed in the middle of Essaouira’s Medina, in a sacred place where the synergies were shivering when electronic music met traditional Gnawa’s rhythm and culture. After 3 days together, they played a memorable live at Moga Festival.

Concept, Creative Direction and Music by Parallelle

Featuring Maalem Omar Hayat

Filmed and Edited by Arnaud Moro

Production: Klassified & Moga Festival

Music Label: Klassified